**Now accepting applications for one bed in a two person room August 1. $710/mo rent + $350/mo house dues with all food & utilities included!**

Welcome to Chaortica's Automated Get-To-Know-You Machine
We are proud and pleased that you want to come live with us. We can't wait to meet you. But first, please tell us about yourself.
Let's do this.
Where chaos and order coalesce into a creatively engaged community. We’re 12 radical, ambitious, and inquisitive individuals who aim to live creatively and intentionally, and shape the local culture of San Francisco through community events.

Does that sound like you?

 Dream big and be bold. Come home to build, write, cook, dance and improvise with your community and friends. Curate an interactive experience that encourages participants to question the nature of existence. Start a discussion series to tackle tough topics or host a salon to share new ideas. Imagine adventures, laughter, jams, good food, collaboration, creation, and thoughtful conversation.

We are a community that will push you - and support you - to be your best. That means when you have your next great idea, you can stop thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if someday…” and start saying “great - let’s make it happen.”
This application is in two parts:

1. ten practical questions like, "what is your name".
2. three fun questions to get to know you by.

Please save some energy for part 2.
What is your name? *

What pronoun(s) do you use?

she/her he/him they/etc
How did you hear about us?

When is the earliest you can move in?

When is the latest you can move in?

Do you have any large items you plan to bring with you?

Our space is limited.
Are you comfortable sharing a room?

Do you use social media? Provide us with a link, if you'd like

We share the cost of our food, utilities, furnishings, and other community resources. We have a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions that are happily accommodated. Each of us pays a monthly membership fee of $350.

"I understand that membership dues are $350 in addition to rent and that these are paid every month. I understand that the membership fee is not optional." *

Yay! You made it through logistics. Now for the fun part: tell us who you are!

We have just a few open-ended questions for you. This is your chance to tell us who you are--do that in as many or as few words as you'd like. We hope you'll put some time into describing yourself and your interest in us, but know that we'll have a better chance to get to know you if we schedule an interview!

Why are you applying to live in a community like Chaortica?

Why community in general? Why this community in particular?
What in your life are you excited about right now?

What are you up to? What are your plans?
How have you grown in the past year?

How is the you of today different from the you of 365 days ago?
Freestyle! Tell us anything else you think we should know about you.

Or, if you think you said it all, we applaud your brevity. Feel free to leave this blank, you won't be graded on word count.
Do you have any feedback for us on this application form?

Help us improve. If there's some bias in here that we missed, we will glad that you told us.
Congrats, you made it through another housing application! We get a lot of applications, and don't have the time to respond to all of them. If we think you might be a good fit, we'll get back to you in about a week to schedule an interview.

Here are some of the questions we like to ask during interviews:

Why do you want to live at Chaortica?

What is your experience of living in community?

What is a book that you would like to contribute to our communal library, and why?

What's your experience with do-ocracy and consensus-based organizations?

How do you deal with interpersonal conflict?

We consider ourselves sex and body-positive. What would be your ideal culture around sex and nudity in community?
Thanks for applying! Best of luck in your housing search, whether it leads you to us or not.

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